ZAC GRIFFITH RUNNING SUCKSRUNNING SUCKS:  PREPARE FOR THE MOUNTAIN.  Running sucks?  Sure it does.  So does hiking, practicing, dieting and carrying a 100# elk quarters out!  So why do we do it?  Running is an excellent way to tone muscle, burn fat, increase metabolism, increase lung capacity and endurance.  It can be hard on your body–especially if you’re overweight.  Start on the elliptical machine and bikes at the gym.  They are zero-impact and accomplish similar fat-burning, and cardio vascular benefits.  Running is the ultimate hunt trainer because it reinforces ankle and lower leg strength and stabilizing connective tissue.  Don’t over-do it.  Go at your pace and push yourself.  You’ll notice the difference on the mountain!  RUN!!!

Zac Griffith only rocks Salomon Shoes for street, trail and backpacking.  They are the industry kings in ultralight, technical gear.  Their footwear is a mountain athlete‘s dream.

Zac Griffith runs 3-4 miles 3 times per week.  He also recommends hiking with your full pack.  This is the best way to simulate actual hunt conditions and will build muscle while increasing endurance.  The more you prepare the harder you will hunt!