At Exo Mountain Gear we are extremely passionate about backcountry hunting and our goal is to build what we think are the best backcountry mountain hunting packs available. We feel the best designs are not complicated and we design our packs from a lightweight minimalist perspective always keeping simplicity and function in mind.  We put just enough pockets on them to keep your gear organized while not adding too much weight.  The packs are made right here in Boise, ID USA which allows us to have a very hands on approach to building, testing and developing.   Making the packs here in Boise and using the highest quality materials available (like our Titanium frame) requires us to sell direct.  In the end the hunter gets a USA made, high quality pack for much less than if it went through normal retail channels.

We want our packs to be known for comfort, durability, simplicity and excellent load hauling. As a company we want to be known for outstanding customer service and always listening to our fellow passionate backcountry hunter’s feedback.

We understand that everyone has different needs / wants in a pack and its impossible to make everyone happy, especially keeping the weight down.  Coming from a lightweight backcountry hunting perspective we developed a list that overall supersedes any other needs /wants and we designed the pack with that in mind.

Our list is in order of importance:

  1. Durability– First and foremost the pack has to be durable.  As backcountry hunters we can’t have issues with our gear miles from the road and every stitch, piece of fabric, zipper, buckle, webbing, etc  has been chosen and tested with that in mind.
  2. Comfort– The pack has to be able to haul at the very  minimum 100lbs comfortably all the while being comfortable to wear in daypack mode.  We feel our revolutionary Titanium Skeleton frame does an excellent job in this category.
  3. Weight– Our goal is to keep the pack under 5lbs.   At the end of a long day every ounce matters and the pack is no exception there.
  4. Ability to haul meat– We hunt to kill not to take our bows for a walk and when we do we need to be able to get the meat out quickly and easily.  Having a load shelf for your meat instead of having to throw it in the main bag with the rest of your gear for us just made sense.  This also puts the meat right where it needs to be, up high against your back for better balance and weight distribution.
  5. Function– How easy is it to get in and out of the pack, store your gear, carry your bow, etc.

In our opinion the  pack begins and ends with the suspension.  Above all else if its not comfortable to wear and to haul heavy loads its worthless.  Everything else is just a feature that can be changed or modified.  We feel sometimes too much importance is placed on having a pocket for every item in your pack or carrying your bow, etc and while these features are nice not enough is placed on what a pack first and foremost needs to do and do well, haul your gear and meat.