Zac Griffith’s diet is high in lean protein such as wild game, chicken breast, fish, egg white and protein powders/bars sparingly.  Zac recommends eating as much green vegetables as possible along with 1-2 gallons of water daily.  Carbohydrates are an energy source and should be consumed early in the day and sparingly.

Diet can be complicated, so always consult an expert and/or physician before beginning any diet.  As a starter, there is a ton of information on the web as well as a couple of books Zac recommends to educate you:

Nutrition is really simple.  You just need to know your diet and execute it.  It takes discipline, planning, preparation, practice…sound a little like hunting?  Just focus on one major change at a time.  For example, the first week cut sugar-packed drinks and sodas from your diet.  The week after swap a bag of chips for a piece of fruit.  As you progress and trim away the bad habits the good ones will become second-nature.  You’ll love the way you’ll feel and that will drive you to continue improving.ZAC GRIFFITH DIET