Zac Griffith’s background in the outdoors began early.  He was raised hunting mule deer inZac Griffith at 2 years-old the Wasatch Mountains of central UT.  After moving to Phoenix, AZ in 2005, his eyes were opened to an entirely different array of big game species and hunting techniques.  From coues whitetail to pronghorn antelope to bull elk, each new species presented a new learning curve and wealth of new experiences.


He is a proud husband of his beautiful wife Rocky and father of three little ladies who he hopes will one day share the passion for the outdoors!


Zac graduated from Utah State University with a BA in Broadcast Journalism.  His video and editing experience there inspired him to transition his talents to the outdoors.  As a photojournalist and dedicated hunter, Zac attempts to tell a story of each hunt through video.

Always striving to capture more than just the kill—but telling the whole story, before and after the kill.  If there is a tag available to the public in North America Zac has applied for it!  He is absolutely obsessed with fitness and pushing his abilities in new terrain.

In 2013 he drew a coveted Florida Mountains ibex tag in New Mexico.  This epic archery hunt changed his life. (More on ibex)Zac Griffith's Epic Hunt for Kong

His saga with a GIANT ibex named Kong led him to raise the bar and standard of his physical preparation and filming efforts.

Zac is the Jefe de Operaciones of SUMMIT Productions, LLC,  Field Editor of Muley Crazy Magazine, and is national Pro-Staff for HOYT, INC.,Warrior FuelSalomon, First Lite,  Grave Digger Broadheads,